The history of Theorycraft Guild and Association

The culprits behind all this

It all began in late 2006 when Istaria and Iphigenia came up with an idea to form a semi-casual raiding guild for The Burning Crusade after playing duels, twinks, pvp and 5man content in vanilla together for a long time. Despite having a lot of friends on the local realm, the combined friends of the two alone weren't gonna cut it so they began reaching out to other people to join this adventure.

We need more guys, they said!

Iphigenia got his co-worker, liekki, interested and he brought in a handful of skilled players such as Suvanto, narod and dronsu among others. Istaria and his friends also brought in more fresh recruits - some of which had not played the game before but quickly got the hang of it to form a very efficient core. These two camps were enough to get going and as we started on a fresh new realm; Shattered Halls.

Theorycraft made some great work during leveling, having instance groups ready for those that were the fastest as well as everyone who couldn't be there all the time. It was a hard task to convince people on previously existing realms to abandon their expansion ready characters in order to join something great but our ranks steadily grew as time went on.

The guild was well organized and attracted attention from previously unknown people who also played on the new realm. Picking only the best of the best further advanced our cause.

When something just isn't enough, you go for more

After everyone reached the maximum level it was time to gear up and go raiding. Having gotten our feet wet with 25-man raiding together with another guild we wanted it to become a regular thing. Running Karazhan - the one and only 10 man instance at the time - was good and useful but simply not enough anymore.

Luckily for us we found some great players (such as Salmon and Dreamer) from a recently disbanded guild called Parallel Insanity. Adding some excellent recruits (Atukayi, Ceanerthas) and even more friends of friends from other servers our roster and especially the core was getting really good for regular 25-man raiding as well as 2 karazhan groups.

The road to server dominance

We weren't "the best" from the very beginning. Originally short on people meant we had some catching up to do. People on the server quickly realized we always did things our way. Clearing content the wrong way around (Tempest Keep: The Eye before Serpentshrine Cavern, for example) while not disclosing our progress to even those asking for it.

Some hardships along the way meant losing players, including one of the founding members (Iphigenia) meant we had to dig deep to keep on going but in the end it paid off with server first instance clears and a great reputation - not only as the most efficient, but also as perhaps the friendliest and the humblest guild around.

Sunwell Plateau and the fall of the guild

Waiting for the next raid instance to come out took some further juice from our roster, and even though we managed to kill the first couple bosses in the new instance, we soon found ourselves in a drought of active and motivated players. In fact, most of the core members started to feel it was time to do something else as summer was coming and raiding had sadly become somewhat boring. It's a pity we couldn't finish what we started, but that's what happened and we called quits after getting server first kill on Brutallus.

Guilds rise and fall, but great communities last

As our great guild laid in the ruins, we still had an amazingly active community with more than 30 people chatting away on our IRC channel. We had organized small LAN events throughout our time playing the game and realized we wanted to continue even though the guild was dead. In 2009, to help us arrange the events in the future we decided to register Theorycraft as an official association in Finland. We currently have around 40 registered members and the number is growing each year!